Retro Remakes

Here are some classic games that have been remade for PC. Click on the image to download the file or to be taken to the website where you can download the game.

Sabre Wulf

A remake of the old classic Sabre Wulf.

Guide Sabreman through the maze of jungle pathways, searching for the four pieces of the Wulf amulet which will persuade the guardian of the cave to reveal the exit.

Armed only with his sword, Sabreman must fend off jungle creatures, rampaging rhinos, sleeping wild boar and the local natives in his quest, collecting treasureson the way and making use of the local plant-life which unleash strange powers, albeit temporarily!


A remake of the old classic Outrun

This is an open source Out Run remake project. This has been inspired by its earlier versions, which correspond to the 1986 arcade machine version and the 1991 Sega Mega Drive version.

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